Last summer we have spent in Antalya, Turkey. In the beginning I was quite scared to go there because our daughter was young that time (not mentioning she is a blonde). My husband convinced me to go there. And after all I can’t say any bad word about this place…


We have decided to plan this trip by ourselves, to not use any travel agency. I know it can be more risky but also … cheaper. We have book a plane tickets and hotel via Internet. My husband called the hotel to make sure that everything is all right.


We have spent in Antalya 2 weeks. The best thing about this place … the weather is guaranteed! I was sunbathing all the time until I got a beautiful suntan. My girl finally learned how to swim. She was so happy there!!!


Turkish people turned to be so nice and with so great sense of humor! That was one of our best holidays ever!


Anyway, before going there we have read really useful travel tips( ).Thanks to this you can easily know how to cooperate with people over there to not get into any troubles!!!







Yesterday took my little girl to the cinema. It’s been a long time since I had such a good time watching a film for children! And the animation was done incredibly well. The 3D effects were breathtaking! I looked at those two princesses and I felt … jealous! Can you imagine? Wow, are those girls ever beautiful!

I actually think fairytales are good for little girls to teach them a bit about how cruel the world can be… and how blind love can be.

Another thing, though—it seems nowadays animated movies are more for adults than for children. Many of the jokes are too hard for children to understand. In the cinema, mostly only the adults were laughing. It’s a bit sad that children now can’t really enjoy the animated movies that were in fact made for them…



Both – me and my girl – love so much this amazing song, sang by Idina Menzel

wedding anniversary

We are going to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. We want to have a big party. I know 7 years is not a lot but I know a Chinese saying that the 3rd year and the 7th year are always the hardest. If a couple withstands 3 and later 7 years together, there is bigger chance they will be together forever.

That’s why we want to invite our family and close friends to spend this time with us. We have been preparing for this party for a long time. One year ago, we started to prepare our own liqueurs for our guests. Recently, we bought bottles of wine and some juices for the children. I also found a US company, that produces labels for all sorts of beverages. I think Bottle Your Brand’s products are pretty cute. Have any of my readers used this company? If so, can you tell me your opinions? I’ve read that many people praise them but I want to be sure.

My mum promised to help me with the cooking and baking because we need a lot of food. We are also planning to hire a babysitter to take care of the children and organize some games for them. My friend recently did something like this and it turned out really well, with both the kiddies and the grownups having fun.

I hope everything goes well.


Do you have some experiences with organizing an anniversary party? Do you have any tips for me?


Getting slim

So I went on a diet. I don’t want mess up my family’s habits so I decided to cook for myself. My family and I have never had bad habits. Now, I just want to eat often to speed up my metabolism. I know how imporant it is in buring calories. So, of course I must give up eating sweets…

Waking up at 5 a.m., sweating my butt off at the gym, carrying all sorts of heavy things to work – all of these things aren’t as tough as not being able to eat one small piece of chocolate. Especially if you have daughter at home, who is as big a fan of sweets as her mum. But my adoring husband decided to surprise me and bought us a sushi set.

Today, we tried to prepare our first sushi – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Unfortunately, our daughter told us she would not eat raw fish…

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Happy New Year!!!

Hi sweethearts! Nice to be with you here again in 2014!
The party we went to was great! I hadn’t had that much fun in ages! I drank and ate so much! Now, of course, it’s high time to start watching out for my weight. I’ve already made a New Year’s resolution! I want to lose 7 kilos and be a trim and fit 34-year-old mum.

My friend and I have already got out gym membership, and we’ve decided to go every day before work. My husband said we’re crazy… Maybe, maybe. He is laughing now, but I’m sure he’ll stop chuckling and appreciate the results in the end.


That’s our target!


New Year’s Eve outfit

This year we are finally going to celebrate New Year’s Eve out of our home. Our daughter is staying at her grandparents’ home after Christmas so we can make some plans for party. All the mums out there know what I’m talking about! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been out with my husband—just the two of us, I mean. Not to mention going to a party… Finally, here’s my chance to feel like I’m back at university again! The problem, of course, is that I don’t know what I should wear. It won’t be any big ball,  but just a small party at my friends’ home.

I’ve already found some outfits. Alight ladies, please, make the decision for of me!

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christmas time

I love Christmas time. I love the smell of gingerbread, cinnamon and Christmas trees. In December I like spending time in kitchen, cooking and baking for my family… and singing all the Christmas classics to myself. Thanks to my favourite lyrics website with I can sing all the best Christmas songs and carols. It helps me creating the magical atmosphere that I love so much at my home.

This year I bought amazing kitchen decorations! Have a look!

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Do you like the Christmas shopping frenzy? Or are you one of those people who hates the commercial aspects of this magical time?


Recently it was my lovely daughter’s birthday. We decided to throw her a party, and I wanted to prepare some sweet little snacks for the children. I decided to bake muffins. I don’t think there is anybody on Earth who doesn’t like muffins.

I didn’t have a lot of time so I couldn’t take make any mistakes. That was a really good lesson for me because now I know some important tips about muffins. Let me share them with you.

  1. The ingredients must be at room temperature.
  2. Use a flexible spatula to gently fold all the ingredients together.
  3. The batter should be stiff enough to hold a spoon upright.
  4. Fill the muffin tins three-quarters full.
  5. Allow muffins to cool in the pan for at least 10 minutes before removing them to avoid them falling apart.

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Hi everyone!
Happy to be here with you. I always wanted to create my own blog and now I found time to do this. I would like Barbara’s World be a place where you can find everything you need. Things such as: recipes, fashion trends, news and gossips, digital trends and diet stuff.